IBRIE Foundation

Mapping the future with Africa’s first drone academy

The African Drone and Data academy, is the first in Africa which opened last month in Malawi. Zingwe is one of 16 Malawians and 10 nationals from Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Botswana, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo to be enrolled. UNICEF Malawi and the government of Malawi have been spearheading the use of drones and data in the international development and humanitarian context. In June 2007, they opened the first drone testing corridor worldwide as a technology-friendly environment for local and international drone companies to test their solutions. How technology is helping African farms to flourish. Since then, the charity has used drones for wide range of applications—from delivering medical commodities, collecting aerial imagery for predictive analysis in combating cholera and malaria to supporting real-time emergency for children and their community.


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