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We believe that creativity through arts and culture rises above; language, class, religion, gender, and other factors that currently divide our world. Art not only provides a portal into different cultural backgrounds and social classes, it also increases the ability to think creatively and innovatively. While breeding inclusivity and also providing useful knowledge that will stay relevant throughout the passing of time.


To create a unique environment in which young people of all ages, abilities, and experiences feel free to imagine and create the impossible.


To support and facilitate young people to overcome disadvantage and lack of social mobility and develop their full leadership and creative potential, notability through bridging the Creative Arts, Culture and Technology divide.

Where Will IBRIE Operate?

Where will IBRIE operate?


Our primary focus is the UK, Jamaica and Ghana currently. But we also have a wider outlook, working in dozens of other developing Commonwealth countries where there is need for the work we do. We intend to both learn from others and achieve a greater impact through partnerships. We will use the lessons learned from our core countries to grow this global presence – while also using the UK as a hub for sparking ideas, leveraging the diaspora and convening liked minded people to help us make our work impactful and an even greater success.





What Counts as Success?

What Counts as Success?


We judge ourselves against many measurable criteria: from the direct impact of the programmes we run or the organisations we fund to our influence on public policy in the local areas we target; from the growth of social ventures we invest in, to how much value people have gained from our events and publications.


But our main aim is to provide young people from underserved communities, so called disadvantaged urban communities in the UK and rural villages/towns in Jamaica and Ghana, with tools which help them generate and use new ideas, and to empower them to see the future as something they make, not something that happens to them, so they can create amazing and change their lives and communities.



We do the right thing - Always!

We work for the common good. That means we have a great responsibility to each other, the people we work with and the young people whose lives are affected by our work. So it’s essential that:

    • We act with integrity
    • We are trustworthy
    • We give credit where it’s due
    • We treat everyone fairly, justly and equally, no matter what their background, experience, sexuality, gender or ethnicity
    • We are open about how we work and how we spend our money
    • We respect our environment and act in a sustainable way always

We are relentless - Integrity is our hallmark

To do our job well and ensure that we deliver the best impact and the biggest bang for the buck. This mans we have to be always alert to new ideas. We are not afraid to look at the our communities, society and the world with a new pairs of lens or with fresh eyes, challenge how it works and find new ways of doing things differently. That means:

    • We back upstarts, and those with ideas that seems weird
    • We champion radicals and outliers
    • We’re not afraid to speak our minds and make a stand
    • We challenge the status quo

We keep Learning - It the driver for better outcomes

We explore and learn from the communities we work with to ensure the are involved and we deliver what will impactful and sustainable. We always take time to reflect and change what we do if it’s not working. That means:

    • We ask loads of questions , test and learn
    • We’re open to suggestions and new ideas
    • We are rigorous in how we measure and deliver our work and the claims we make
    • We share what has and hasn’t worked
    • We support continuous learning and development of the team

We work in partnership always - the impact is greater

We want to make a big dent in the change the world – but we can’t do it on our own. We have learnt form experience that we can make an even bigger dent when we have different champions working together, as the best ideas always come from unexpected places. That means:

    • We work together with local partners to deliver the work
    • We are always looking for new partners to work with
    • We support each other as a team to deliver our work
    • We understand that we are always part of much bigger networks

We make things happen - action speaks louder than works

We are not afraid to take on big challenges. We know complex problems can’t be solved just by talking about them. To make things happen and solve challenges being faced in the world, we can not just discuss them we have to take decisive action. That means:

    • We are bold and we aim big
    • We are persistent and relentless
    • We seek new ways to make change happen
    • We have confidence in ourselves, our work and our partners