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Inet Effs Scholarship

Who Can Apply?

Two scholarships awarded annually to a student to attend a university or institute of higher learning to study any aspect of Creative Arts & Culture, Teaching/Education in any area of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Math), Food Technology, Nutrition or Sports. The student must be of senior standing at the time of application.







Our Goal

The goal of the Inet Effs Scholarship is to provide young people with a way to express their creative ideas and imagination. By providing access to higher education these young people will put their imagination and ideas into something tangible.  The creative art has a unique ability to inspire deeper meanings and provoke mindfulness and thoughtful conversation. By increasing the amount of creativity into society and daily life, we believe we are making the world a more vibrant, complex, and rich place to live.

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Scholarship funds are only provided at the time of enrolment and will be applied directly toward tuition fees and other academic expenses or compulsory fees. Each scholarship is paid directly to the institution on a renewable basis for up to two years of University, College or Institute of Higher Learning. The payment of the funds to the institution in subsequent year(s), is conditional upon satisfactory academic progress which has to be provided by the institution to the trustees of the Scholarship Fund.


The scholarship may be used at any University or any other accredited post-secondary institution approved by the Education Ministry of the country the scholarship is being granted (for the time being Jamaica & Ghana). It is up to the awardee to gain admission to an accredited post-secondary institution. 

For more information about the availability of the scholarship and how to apply click the link below.