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Building an Innovative Future

Over the past decade, the use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual reality etc., has been uneven with far more happenings in the major cities and little or no activities of knowledge sharing within rural communities. The world has become an even more globalised one, with more activity and consumption happening around the world via technology. With digital technology, there are new approaches to earning, and exploitations of data which are likely to become more important for commercial and operational activities. Therefore, we need to help prepare young people from these underserved rural communities for this reality.

Creating Investable Skills

Fluency of Ideas

Judgment and Decision Making


Ability to Adapt

Our Aim

Our Innovation Growth Labs aims to provide people in rural communities in Jamaica and Ghana to have access to technology, preparing the future generation for the world of tomorrow, allow them to develop and share their creativity, help innovate to change their communities and become empowered economically. Remote working and the freelance era is driving a new way of working by increasing innovation and economic empowerment. For example, it is now possible for creative teams to work closely with programmers, animators, robotics/mechatronics experts, musicians, choreographers and set designers to bring immersive experiences to new audiences at location based experiences, during and post event using VR/AR/XR as well as other digital platforms.


The speed in which ideas can also be realised is increasing rapidly, complementing creative and innovative ambitions. Our Innovation Growth Labs will help spark and enhance both cognitive and social skills, which are considered skills consistent with the view that creativity has become more important across the whole workforce, emerging as important priorities for investable skills in many occupations today encompassing traits.

Help Us Grow Together

We are raising funds to build, equip and maintain a minimum of four Innovation Growth Labs this year and each year for the next 5 years. This is an ambitious undertaking but not impossible. One of our ‘Guiding Principle’ as a foundation is to “Keep Learning” and to “Make Things Happen”. So we don’t sit around but we push forward and do whatever it takes to achieve our objectives but we can only do it with your donations.

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