IBRIE Foundation

The IBRIE Foundation
Scholarship Fund

Our Objective

The objective of our Scholarship Fund is to give students from economically challenged backgrounds, the opportunity to pursue their dreams by attending institutes of higher learning. Students whom wish to peruse a degree in the Creative Arts, Culture, Technology, the Sciences, Engineering and Education are of particular priority. These courses often require students to acquire material and supplies which can be costly and difficult to obtain for young people form disadvantaged backgrounds, especially those from poor rural areas.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help the emergence of new talent that will serve as a model of success for future generations and to ignite the passion for creative innovation that can impact and change the world for good.


Attaining a higher education increases professional opportunities and improves overall quality of life by providing financial stability, expanding network opportunities, and the development of a strong work ethic. Gainful employment and a positive cash flow take away stress factors that many young people form rural towns and villages face today and allows them to live a happier, healthier and more fullfilled life.


Inett Effs Scholarship

The goal of the Inet Effs Scholarship is to provide students with a way to express their creative ideas and imagination. By providing access to higher education our students will put their imagination and ideas into something tangible.


Iris Bruff Memorial Scholarship

The goal of the scholarship is to provide inspired students with a nurturing environment by surrounding them with like-minded artists who will inspire them to pursue their dreams.

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Future Leader Scholarship

 The IBRIE Youth Leadership Academy (iYLA) provides an opportunity for young people  to make a difference within their communities and among their peers.