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Future Leader Scholaship

Who Can Apply?

The Future Leaders Scholarship was created to provide support to young people to participate and attend our annual IBRIE Youth Leadership Summits and Academies. Ideal candidates should aspire to lead and make a change in their community, love learning, be actively involved in school clubs or team athletics and/or contribute to their community in meaningful ways. The Event Scholarship Program is dedicated to assist those leading transformations in their communities and must demonstrate their dedication to making a difference in their community by empowering others and creating change.

The Purpose

The Scholarships help to provide transportation cost, material cost, meals and in some cases accommodation to our 3-5 day Youth Leadership Summit and Academy. After attending an event, scholarship recipients are asked to share how the event has impacted their service work in their community, as well a detailed report on how learned skills are being utilised in their work. Event Scholarship recipients may also be asked to serve as a local mentors to young boys and girls in their area on our Irie Dawta and Big Up Brethren programs. Read more about our Youth Leadership Academy.

For more information about the availability of this scholarship and how to apply please contact us!

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