IBRIE Foundation

Our Focus Arts Culture Technology


IBRIE works at the intersection of ART & Culture and Technology to help solve big challenges facing those who are underrepresented in society with specific focus on deprived urban communities and rural villages and towns.  We work with young people from underserved communities and empower them to bring bold ideas to life that will have a big impact in their communities and the world.


We will create the conditions for future-scoping to drive the innovation to fuel economic development and growth in these communities, better meet social needs and solve some of the challenges being faced by these communities. We will focus on providing the skills and knowledge to help young people use their creative genius, talents and available resources to design better outcomes that can drive innovation to solve some of the most pressing challenges being faced in their communities, country or the world. They will do this by using the best available tools and technologies for both analysis and action.

We prepare young people for the of future work in a more automated economy, where jobs could be very different to what they are now and the way we work will be a mix of humans and machines. In some countries we work in this thought is remote but non the less it has to known so that these young people can be part of this revolution. Our focus will be on teaching human skills like creativity, collaboration and problem-solving, and the backing digital technologies that will be driving this revolution. Help them learn and be ready for this future of work and to create their own innovation that will change their communities. They would indeed know best what their communities or country needs.


S.T.E.A.M = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics

The creative economy and arts and culture have become more and more entwined and inseparable. Our focus will be on providing resources and skills so that young people can use their creativity to maximise growth in the creative economy by linking the arts, culture and technology to generate new sources of income changing the narrative about themselves and the wider communities they occupy.

Looking ahead to the coming decade, there are set to be a number of technological advances with significant implications for the arts and cultural sector. In particular, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and so-called ‘Mixed Reality’ will see significant growth. Cultural and artistic content will be one of the drivers of these technologies becoming more widespread in society generally. Virtual galleries and other immersive performances could be another means of engaging audiences across dispersed gerographics and could open up new sources of revenue for those from underserved communities who are known to be the cultivators and guardians of culture in society.

Equity, Inclusion and fairness builds an environments of confidence and growth. This helps boost conditions that motivates confidence regardless of background, race, tribe, gender, sexual orientation or religion. This in turns driving innovation with a conscious approach for respect, tolerance and empathy among young people to fuel radical solutions that address problems they faced within their communities, doing in away that avoids and erase all the different types of discrimination. Its about respect and treating a person fairly regardless of whatever background they come from.

We develop young people to embody what it takes to become future leaders with the skillsets and knowledge in demand to lead radical changes across sectors that interests their passion. Our focus will be to grow a network of mentors who can transfer the value of social capital to young people and champion community-based approaches. Helping young people in shaping their attitude towards public services, to create conditions in which they can thrive and feel supported. Our goal is to ignite the capacity in young people to be change makers, and tackle the big challenges facing marginalised communities. By building individual and community resilience, we create new type of leaders who can work across boundaries, making connections, leading and facilitating local to global innovative disruption that add value to society and change the world.


The Ibrie Foundation seeks to motivate, inspire and ultimately empower all of our program attendees. We are grateful for the continued support from the many volunteers and donors whom make our mission possible. Below are a few statements form previous and present volunteers, donors, and students of our many programs.