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Big up Brethren Program Building Healthier Men for Tomorrow

Our Focus

Many young men, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds grow up with absentee fathers, and are left without guidance and a proper role model to follow. Some boys and young men who have present fathers still face the issue of masculinity between generations and are unable to connect on a personal level with their fathers, ultimately being left alone to decipher social norms and find the drive and desire to impact the world for god.


The mentoring and leadership program targets boys and young men from neighbourhoods qualified as ‘sensitive’ or ‘underrepresented’ in order to better prevent school failure, unemployment, incarceration, abusive behaviour and exclusion. 

Our Goal

The goal of this program is to deconstruct established stereotypes, norms, and codes of what manhood and masculinity means. We help boys and young men by encouraging them to become the person they wish to be. By doing this we hope to break the generational cycle of fatherlessness, incarceration and the feeling of being a burden bearer that is present within most men today.


To accomplish this goal, we organise workshops on several topics including promoting gender equality, man-to-man bonding, toxic masculinity, and steps that can be taken to help control anger and better express feelings. The goal of these workshops is to teach empathy, resilience, inclusiveness, reflectiveness, non-violence, and resourcefulness in order to leave long lasting legacies on future generations.

Citizens Actions Provide

Real World Work Situations

Learning Professional Behaviors

Fighting Against Assistantship

How Will it Work?

Big Up Brethren programme is 3-4 month developing empowered skills including Interpersonal Competence, Cultural Competence, Resistance Skills and Peaceful Conflict Resolution. Mentoring boys today, builds healthier men for tomorrow and by introducing them to amazing role models to help them make a difference within their communities.

Why it Works

Studies show that regardless of income level, young people grow intellectually, interpersonally, and emotionally though the support of mentors. Yet millions of young people are still in urgent need of someone who will stand in their corner and ignite their full power and potential. Our goal from this program is to kick start and ignite the passion in these young men and boys to be a successful person both professionally and personally.

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