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FACE Program Festival of Arts
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Creativity Takes Courage

A Celebration of Inclusion

The Festival of Arts and Culture Expression is an opportunity for those who face disadvantage and inequality to explore the fine arts from theatre to museums to classical music and to be exposed to all the wonders of the culture and cultural expression and experimentation. It’s about exposing these young people from underserved communities to other opportunities that exist in the world so they can use their talent and abilities in different ways to tackle some for the challenges being faced in their communities or even see new opportunities for a career.

Our Focus

The focus of the festival is to provide a pathway that will increase access to Arts & Culture for people who face barriers of participation due to race, background, and social stigma. Our hope is the festival will improve access to the arts in order to promote tolerance, widen thinking capacity, and open the eyes of those disadvantaged and underserved to possibilities that exist beyond the scope of where they live and socialized environment.

Back Stage Access

Work Experiences & Master Classes

Cultural Events & Activities

Orchestra Concerts & Museum Tours

Community Art Exhibitions

Live Theatre & Concerts

Why We Do It

Our goal is to see tangible outcomes from attendees in promote tolerance, widen thinking capacity, self-development, social and community cohesion, and broadening of possibilities that exist beyond the scope of where they live and socialised environment. FACE will give the young people who participate, opportunity to learn new skills and harness tools for success in a fun and enjoyable manner. We also give the opportunity for our young people to display what they’ve learned though our various programs via public speeches, concerts, and art installations.

Why it Works

We not only organise the events but we provide the funding (through the generosity of our donors and benefactors) as well to these events and excursions.  This is the whole reason for IBRIE to ensure that lack of resources is not a barrier for those form disadvantaged communities, which are mainly those with less disposable income to spend on this such as this, can experiences all that needs to be learned and gained from being exposed the arts and culture.

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