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Helping Drive Social Change

Our iAcademy is a program of training that teaches young people from rural communities and towns in Jamaica and Ghana to apply exponential and disruptive technology to address critical challenges facing their comminunities and help build a more sustainable  and inclusive world. Through this endeavour we help drive social change, emboldening the lives of the participants and changing the communities for the better.

A More Connected Future

The world has become more globalised, with many activities and consumptions happening due to the rise of technology around the world. The future of work, the way we communicate, the way we earn and the innovation that simplifies day to day activities is evolving a world which that is now all driven by technology. Digital technology, new approaches to earning, and the exploitation of data have become more important for commercial and operational activities and is changing the way we do everything. We need to help prepare young people from underserved rural communities to be of value in this new world.

Essential Skills




Effect on Students

Young people attending the school where an Innovation Growth Lab has been built and equipped, will be given a minimum of an hour per week of technology lesson in innovation, such as coding and artificial intelligence. This will mean all students from nursery through to secondary, at this, schools will get exposures to technology innovations that they will need in a fast changing world. They will also get an opportunity to put into practice a number of the mathematical and grammatical principles taught in other subjects so they see the rational behind learning these other subjects.

Effect on Community

In the evenings and weekends the attention will then be turned to the older young people in these communities who have left school, but who also need to learn these skills and be exposed to these innovative technologies. Exposing them to digital technologies with a new approach to earning. With a sound understanding of the exploitation of data and why it has become more important for commercial and operational activities. We need to help prepare these young people from these underserved rural communities, expanding their scope for economic empowerment for themselves and their communities but more importantly boost their creative ability to come up with innovative ways to solve some of the challenges being faced in their communities.

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Each iAcademy will be paired to a local primary or secondary school in a rural community/village, and will be developed and built through the support received from our cause.