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IRIE Dawta Program Every girl has the right to be encouraged,
to be valued and to thrive!

Breaking Down Barriers

Everywhere in the world women are faced with social, cultural, and economic barriers to equality. The main focus of the IRIE Dawta Program is to uplift girls and young women to develop skills, become independent and produce excellence in all they do. By empowering girls and young women, we are giving them the opportunity to reinvest their skills into their families, communities, and countries. This not only brings them independence, but also improves the world around them. When women and girls rise, their families rise, their communities rise, their societies rise and impact and benefits are evident.

Pursuing Dreams

The IRIE Dawta Program will include an element of training for artists working in participatory setting in the areas of fashion, craft and design. We embed digital solutions in all areas of this program to widen access and participation. Members of the IRIE Dawta Program will have access to all the tools of success our Foundation provides. We encourage these women to attend our Youth Leadership Academy and provide them with guidance needed to applying to our scholarship programs.

Target Areas

Education and Professional Training

Providing Social, Moral, and Financial Assistance

Provide Specialty Training

Sexual & Reproductive Health Education

How Will it Work?

Mentors meet with young women and girls, and provides mentorship once a week over the course of 12 consecutive weeks. The program aims to advance the internal Assets of Personal Power, Self-Esteem and Social Competence within each participant. It’s a leadership development program over 3-4 months  designed to give young women and girls new skills, introduce them to amazing role models and help them to make a difference within their communities.

Why it Works

Studies show that regardless of income level, young people grow intellectually, interpersonally, and emotionally though the support of mentors. Our goal from this program is to kick start skills like digital technology, problem solving, and planning, as well as provide a supportive figure that can be counted on to show what it looks like to be a successful person both professionally and personally.

Dawta = an endearing term used to refer to young women in Jamaica meaning daughter or female.

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