IBRIE Foundation

Mentoring Programme

Providing Support and Guidance

The Youth Mentoring Program provides leadership materials and ten lessons designed to give students new skills, introduce them to amazing leaders and help them to make a difference within their communities. Studies show that regardless of income level, teens grow intellectually, interpersonally, and emotionally though the support of mentors. Our goal from this program is to kick start skills like organization, problem solving, and planning as well as provide a supportive figure that can be counted on to show what it looks like to be a successful person both professionally and personally.


The Youth Mentoring Program encourages community leaders to serve as mentors within their local schools, communities and non-profit organizations. All of our participants from the Big Up Brethren and the IRIE Dahta Program will benefit from this program.

IBRIE Dawta Program

Everywhere in the world women are faced with social, cultural, and economic barriers to equality. The main focus of the Irie Dawta Program is to uplift girls and young women to develop skills, become independent and produce excellence in all they do.

Big Up Brethren Program

The goal of this program is to deconstruct established stereotypes, norms, and codes of what manhood and masculinity means. We help boys and young men by encouraging them to become the person they wish to be.