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We believe leaders play an essential role in the solutions and there success to change the world. The IBRIE Youth Leadership Academy (iYLA) provides an opportunity for young people  to make a difference within their communities and among their peers. By empowering tomorrows leaders today, through the IBRIE Youth Leadership Academy, we are improving the global community by diversifying leaders and bringing new comprehensive perspectives’ to the front lines.

Areas of Emphasis







iYLA is a 3-5 day program held annually, that provides participants, age ranges 16 – 25, with an environment designed to nurture and amplify their leadership skills so they can create and innovate bring change to their lives, impacting their peers and communities. This program was started in 2014 by our founder Romeo Effs and continues to help shape today’s youth in becoming tomorrow’s leaders. The programme has been held in the UK, Jamaica and Ghana.

Who Can Attend?

IBRIE Youth Leadership Academy (iYLA) gathers between 200-300 of the brightest young people from disadvantage backgrounds in the city/town it is being held, to help change their lives and impact the world for good. There is no cost to the young person to attend as they are fully funded by our donors and benefactors though scholarships.


Arts & Culture plays a critical piece in the learning process, as there is drama used in role play, speech to build both confidence and presentation skills and digital skills to embed technology as a means of problem solving. Over the 3-5 day period the we also offers visits to major Art & Cultural events/location in which participants will have to prepare and present on how they see the visit impacting and changing their outlook on life.

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